Become an Owner

Do you like to vacation?

Do you like to stay in nice places?

Do you like to save money?

If you’ve made a commitment to make travel a priority,  you can now choose to own your vacations and be guaranteed a quality stay every time you leave home. Find out why millions of people around the world chose vacation ownership for their family.

Oceanique Resort is affiliated with Interval International. Owning at Oceanique Resort and being a member of I.I. gives you the flexibility and high quality options that most families desire. You can choose from hundreds of resorts in more than 80 countries annually!

No matter where you go, vacation is all about quality time with the people you love. There is no better way to make memories than by taking the time to unwind, get away and relax with your loved ones.

So whether you desire a warm quiet beach, a busy city, the peacefulness of the mountains or a sight seeing destination, all of your dreams can come true with vacation ownership. Turn those “dream vacations” into a reality for a mere fraction of the cost.

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Oceanique Resort offers floating weeks based on availability.

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Resort Number (321) 425-5716